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About Me...

I have worked in Food & Drink, Cereal Crops and Fresh Produce, in the technical and quality arena, for over 20 years. Originally from France, I moved to the UK in 2005 where I took my first steps in Fresh Produce. I fell in love with the industry, which I where I specialise. My extensive travelling since then has led me to meet many technical counterparts and to build a network of diverse and skilled connections across Europe, America, Africa and India.

I am a qualified ISO 9001 QMS & BRC v8 Lead Auditor, and a Highfield Approved Trainer. I am also a Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST), as well as an IFST registered Food Safety Manager and Professional Food Auditor and Mentor. I hold a MSc in Agronomy - specialisation Food & Agribusiness Sciences and Techniques, from the French National Institute of Agronomy at Paris-Grignon (INA-PG, now called AgroParisTech).

I love languages. I speak French, English and Spanish, which has helped me tremendously throughout my career in my dealings with overseas businesses. I have founded and I run a local language tuition called "French o'clock", where I help adults and families to learn French conversation in a fun, relaxed and practical way.

I am Mum to my wonderful 'Frenglish' son; spending time with him was my original inspiration to embark on this freelance adventure, so that my work and home lives are balanced and complement each other.

I’m passionate, dedicated, self-motivated, dynamic, thorough and trustworthy. I have a very natural ability to bond with people; I love helping, and I love making a difference. I had this idea that I could set up a very bespoke technical support service for Food and Fresh Produce businesses: if someone had a challenge, whatever it might be, wherever they might be located, they could ask me if I could help. If I could, I would. If I couldn't, I would try to find someone who could. 

And so “Ask Sonia Limited” was born.

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“Working together with Sonia has always been very fruitful. Her good technical skills linked with the market helped to introduce several new varieties in the UK market.”

Vincent van Wolferen, Crop Coordinator Melon & Watermelon at Rijk Zwaan, Holland

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