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Ask Sonia Limited | Food Safety Consulting & Training

Need support or training on Food Safety?

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Ask Sonia Limited

Welcome to Ask Sonia Limited, your trusted partner for comprehensive consulting and training services in Food Safety Management. Based in the UK, we specialise in offering accredited training courses designed to support professionals in the Food Sector and related industries like Packaging, Storage, and Distribution.

In addition to our training programs, Ask Sonia Ltd also provides expert consulting services, including internal auditing, supplier auditing, and personalised guidance and advice tailored to your needs.

Explore our catalogue today to find the right courses and consulting solutions for your business objectives. Elevate your standards with Ask Sonia Limited!

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Ask Sonia Limited | Food Safety Consulting and Training
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Ask Sonia Limited | Food Safety Consulting & Training


“After over 30 years in the Fresh Produce Industry, if you need someone extremely reliable for Food Safety in today’s fast-moving business world, I can’t recommend Sonia enough”

Mark Foster, Managing Director at Brookerpaks Ltd - UK

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