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CPD Accredited Effective Auditing & Inspection Level 3 (1 day)

CPD Accredited Effective Auditing & Inspection Level 3 (1 day)



This CPD accredited Level 3 course will qualify you as an 1st party internal auditor and a 2nd party supplier auditor. It is a useful precursor to becoming a 3rd party Lead Auditor. The course content has been developed by experienced Lead Auditors.

It focuses on auditor competencies and best practice for auditing today’s industries.

This course is applicable to any and all industries that need to comply with specified standards and mitigate risk by checking compliance through auditing and inspection. It applies to businesses requiring confidence in their suppliers and to manage their approval through supplier audits. These industries include food, packaging, storage & distribution, pharmaceutical, medical device, automotive etc. It is also applicable to systems and controls applicable to all industries such as health & safety.

Holders of the qualification will have the knowledge necessary to effectively audit and inspect professionally and ethically for compliance, and to identify risks that require mitigation. 

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Define purpose, benefit & limitations of audits

  • Use auditing techniques & have required competencies

  • Plan & conduct audits

  • Audit against the appropriate standards

  • Assess and critique sites


A learner will receive a Certificate of Achievement upon successful completion of the exam.


This course has been accredited by the CPD Accreditation Office for delivery, structure and content.


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