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Citrus Fruits

STC Train the Trainer, Speaking & Presenting Skills
(3 days)

Next open date sessions:

  • 14 to 16 Feb 2024

  • 17 to 19 April 2024

  • 24 to 26 Jun 2024



  • 1 space:  £370 (+ VAT for UK)

  • 2 spaces:  £670 (+ VAT for UK)



​Motivated and competent staff can mean the difference between success and failure for your organisation. Knowledge and expertise in a subject are not enough to ensure that training and coaching is effective.


​This course will suit anyone involved in the development of others including: trainers, managers, leaders, consultants, teachers, technical trainers, lecturers and more…

Learn all about our fantastic brains, various learning styles, what can hinder learning, how best to get the message across effectively, and much more!


​This course is an excellent tool for personal development so if you’re looking to hone your speaking and presenting skills, this course will grow your confidence and support you in your career progression.

​This course has been accredited by the CPD Accreditation Office for delivery, structure and content.

Accredited TTT training - course program

Let’s Work Together!

To book your space, to arrange a private session, or for any questions, please get in touch.

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