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BRCGS Packaging Auditor Issue 6 & Issue 7 (3 Days)

BRCGS Packaging Auditor Issue 6 (3 Days)



ATTENTION: all public dates from Nov 2024 onwards are Issue 7, not Issue 6 anymore.


Attention: This course is delivered over 3 full days. If you're interested in the same course but delivered over 6 half-days (3pm to 6:30pm London time, consecutive half-days excluding weekend), please click here. Thank you.

This official BRCGS course enables you to gain a full understanding of the general principles of the requirements of the Packaging Materials Standard, including fundamental clauses and statements of intent, and how to undertake a BRCGS audit, including planning and reporting of the audit.

Delegates should download and read a copy of the standard before attending this course, which is available as a free download from the BRCGS Store.

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Be able to describe the scope of companies and products covered by the standard

  • Know what is required to comply with the requirements of the standard

  • Be able to prepare for an audit to the standard

  • Understand the protocol for audits to the standard


This course is part of the BRCGS Professional recognition programme.


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