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BRCGS An Approach to Product Safety Culture (1 Day)

BRCGS An Approach to Product Safety Culture (1 Day)



An Approach to Product Safety Culture is an industry focused course, considering organisational culture, leadership and behavioural concepts; inclusive of and generic to all BRCGS Global Standards, in addition to the global market for application to any manufacturing facility - regardless of business size or whether sites have a product scope of food or non-food related goods/ services.


By attending this 1-day course participants will gain the fundamental understanding of the importance of a positive product safety culture at a site and the important role played by senior management leadership, understand the impact of attitudes and behaviour on product safety culture and demonstrate preparatory steps in developing a Product Safety Culture Plan, including how to engage staff and encourage their involvement.

To complete the course, participants will need to submit a product safety plan as a workplace assignment, meeting the assessment criteria with 75% as a passing grade.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the concept of Product Safety Culture and why a positive culture is important to ensuring product safety and integrity

  • Identify what the standards require, and the function of Product Safety Culture Plan within a QMS 

  • Recognize the link between behaviour, Product Safety Culture and how it underpins product safety assurance

  • Discuss how to measure an organisation's Product Safety Culture through the use of tools and techniques

  • Develop a sustainable Product Safety Culture action plan and how to engage staff to support it


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