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Services Overview

Internal audits and supplier audits
Internal & Supplier Audits
  • Gap analysis of your documented management systems and procedures vs applicable standards  (BRCGS, SALSA, IFS, SFBB guides, retailer specific standards)

  • Audits of your site practices vs applicable standards or vs your own documented management systems (in full or specific areas)

  • Supplier audits (within and outside the UK)

  • Audits follow up, CA plans  verification

Food safety management system FSMS QMS
  • Design, validation, implementation, verification, improvement, of your Quality Management System (QMS) and your Food Safety Management System (FSMS)

  • Including HACCP, VACCP, TACCP and QACCP plans

Training, mentoring
  • Official BRCGS Food Safety courses for sites, auditors & lead auditors​​​

  • Official BRCGS Product Safety Management courses

  • HACCP & Food Safety courses

  • Other courses (Auditing, cleaning technology...)

  • Mentoring and coaching of staff

Technical support fresh produce
Expert Support
  • Supplier compliance & due diligence (eg food safety, quality, legality, pesticides, ethical, sustainability)

  • Product specific knowledge training (melons, watermelons, pineapples)

  • ​Assistance with web-based systems such as FoodExperts, Evolve, Greenlight , Sedex

  • Specialised translation and interpreting (EN, FR, SP)

technical consultant fresh produce
Connecting you
  • Helping you find an expert with the right skillset, as local as possible, for a more logistically efficient, cost-effective and environment friendly service

  • Diverse areas of expertise, eg agronomy, post-harvest management, produce inspections, food safety, ethical, sustainability

  • In the UK or abroad

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